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MJM Enterprise

This new UK-built DP0 vessel is designed to fulfil the future requirements of marine renewables projects, offering rapid mobilisation for survey and related activities, onboard processing and spacious, comfortable accommodation.


The vessel will cater to multi-disciplined projects, including hydrographic and geophysical surveys, ROV inspection and benthic/environmental sampling. Provision for a 4-point mooring system will provide a solution for diving works if required.

The keel laying ceremony took place on the 21st of December 2020 with the vessel now well underway in the construction phase.


The MJM Enterprise is a perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and efficiency.

Large Working Deck Area

One of the key features of the MJM Enterprise is its large working deck area. This expansive space can accommodate 2 x 20ft containers, offering flexibility and efficiency for offshore tasks. The vessel also provides various sensor mounting options, including a 1.2m moonpool for through-hull sensor deployment.


Passive Anti-Roll Tank

To improve seakeeping capabilities, the MJM Enterprise incorporates a passive, anti-roll tank. This significantly reduces the vessel's roll motion, thereby extending available weather windows.


Lifting and Towing Capability

A highlight of the vessel is its robust 5T A-Frame with integrated winch. The A-Frame offers 5m internal clearance and flanges on both the outboard and inboard sides, expanding the towing width. With additional booms up top, and coupled with a crane rated to 38T/M, it's perfect for survey, ROV, shallow geotechnical and environmental operations.


Quality Living Areas

Comfort hasn't been overlooked in the design of the MJM Enterprise. The vessel houses 20 berths, including 12 for charterer personnel. A spacious working galley can serve up to 8-10 people at a time, and a separate lounge area provides a comfortable space for relaxation.

Build Gallery

Download the Specifications

Learn more about the MJM Enterprise by downloading the vessel specifications.

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