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Morning Fog
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Roles of the Marshall Art

Environmental Survey

The dedicated survey station, inbuilt monitors, 2 tonne A-Frame and joystick winch controls enable clients to perform grab sampling and camera drops comfortably.

Hydrographic Survey

The through hull survey pipe with hull mounted flange for Multibeam transducers enables clients to mobilise equipment quickly on our purpose built launching rig with permanent access while on the rig. Pre installed screens at the survey station also help to reduce mobilisation times.

ROV Support

The 2 tonne A  Frame and dedicated client survey station make the Marshall Art an ideal solution to Inspection class ROV's

UXO Survey

We are open to options for towing arrays of magnetometers and have experience designing survey booms. We have side towed the 3D chirp on a UXO project.

Bird/Mammal watching

Having an open spacious flybridge the Marshall Art is ideal for a 360  degree view.

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